I opened a black lion chest today and this is what I got. I now match the guild mascot.


I opened a black lion chest today and this is what I got. I now match the guild mascot.

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deaf iranian girl who wears rather large, beautiful rings to punch the people who disrespect her


deaf iranian girl who wears rather large, beautiful rings to punch the people who disrespect her

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Anonymous said: I am curious since you were talking about blood elf RP and your two gay characters. How do you handle topics of homophobia in your RP?? Do you think homophobia exists in blood elf culture (or even trolls since you RP them a lot too)??



To be honest with you, I haven’t really thought much about homophobia in blood elf culture. I don’t and haven’t done a lot of blood elf RP or exploration of thoughts and headcanons about blood elf culture and societal norms.

I did do two articles for Trollin’ Thursday about homosexuality that explored what forms of homophobia might exists among trolls and why.

But I am not really into exploring topics of homophobia in RP. Realization of a character being gay/bi/pan/etc. and dealing with it, sure. But seeing as how homophobia is such a real issue IRL, it’s not one that I make a point of exploring in fantasy worlds. I am not saying that homophobia doesn’t and can’t exist in the WoW universe, but…why make bigotry an expected norm? There is no canon information or explicit lore in the WoW universe that implies any particular religious, spiritual, philosophical, or cultural-based belief/dogma/moral/norm says that heterosexuality is the accepted norm and any other sexual orientation is the minority, strange, and/or unacceptable.

If anything, I think there are more implications that many races view sexuality as very fluid and do not get as wrapped up in defining it it and using it as a moral benchmark as we do in our world.

As I always say, the real world and all of the vast details of our cultures as humans can be great foundations for developing fictional worlds and peoples; but why take the worst with you into a world where stuff like homophobia doesn’t -have- to exist?

I really like, and agree with the above sentiment. Role play in a fantasy realm is meant to be an escape from the drudges of our own mundane and sometimes coarse life in the real world. I too would like to imagine that homophobia (and its ilk) doesn’t exist amongst Azeroth’s cultures.

However, and you certainly don’t have to agree with me on this, I can definitely see where homosexuality (and really any non-hetero [read: reproductive] sexuality) would be frowned upon in *modern* Blood Elf culture (specifically).

And here is why: 90% of the population has been wiped out. This is borderline extinction level shit. The remaining Sin’dorei (and Quel’dorei for that matter) have it solidly on their shoulders to repopulate the nation/race.

Now, please understand that I am not saying there are not homosexual (or any other of the various wonderful flavors of sexuality) elves - far from it. I imagine that sexuality was nothing to bat an eye at amongst such a long-lived race, in times of prosperity.

But at this point in time, after what equates to a zombie apocalypse, followed by a decade of brutal warfare, I imagine that generally speaking, Blood Elf society might look unkindly upon those who are not “doing their part” to further the race. Hence, it stands to reason that it might be - at least at this point in Sin’dorei culture - something kept relatively quiet. And that is my headcanon.

(As an aside, yes, I play and devotedly love my non-hetero elves. I believe in love and equality for all people. And, I feel the need to point out that I do not now, nor will I ever, play someone who is actively homophobic to other PCs [unless, of course, it was a prearranged and agreed upon topic for a story arc]. This is my headcanon and I’ve explained why. I truly hope that no one takes offense to it, but if any of you do: I am sincerely sorry. Please get in touch with me so we can discuss it. I love you all.

Only thing I have to add to that (because you do make a good point that yes people would frown on non-reproducing couples/triads/relationships of romantic natures) is that a couple does not need to be hetero to be able to reproduce. I honestly believe that transphobia in Azeroth could be much less prevent (for much the same reasons homophobia could be) and thus yay! Trans characters reproducing with their homosexual partners.

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